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Were excited to bring your script to life. We have over 24 years combined experience in the fetish film industry. We are able to produce the highest quality content at a great price. Once you have submitted your story idea, we can give you an accurate quote. If for some reason you don’t see what your looking for in the fetish menus or have addition questions please feel free to email us.


Fill out this form so we have a basic idea about your custom to give you an estimate.


Choose the main fetish theme that will be in your movie. For instance, if you are into foot fetish, choose it on the drop down list below. Selecting a fetish helps us understand your needs when formulating a quote. We realize there may be many smaller sub-fetishes within your video and you will have a chance to relate that to us when you write the general description below.


Use the links below and look though the choices:



Next, you will be entering your story idea. Here are some pointers to help you do this so that we may give you an accurate quote.

#1 Please keep it as short as possible while making sure it contains the key elements you want.

#2 Try to limit descriptive story-telling–rather, describe the actions that need to occur.

#3 Try to limit dialogue unless it is very specific to the fetish.

#4  Minimum 10 words, only serious inquiries will be considered.


Budgets are important to helping me know If I can bring your custom to life and what quality you are looking for. If your wanting hardcore sex or BJ or the actress is an adult star, please make sure your budget is at least $1000.
If yes, I will send out a weekly email announcement about new actresses as well as studio updates and specials. (Check only one option)
I need your email to reply back to you. Please don't leave it blank and make sure you entered it correctly.
I am an adult, over 18, and it is legal in my area to view adult content. I filled out tis form because I am interested in having an adult custom video made.

#1 Customs are edited in the order they were commissioned. Time to edit is 4-10 weeks from the date of production depending on complexity. Customs are delivered as a link to a 1920X1080 MP4 download unless you request otherwise. Customs will be delivered in HFR 60FPS (High Frame Rate) via download.

#2 Once a custom is committed to and the actress is scheduled, you may not cancel.

#3 If a model cancels, 2 weeks prior to the production or sooner, you have the option of choosing or accepting a replacement model, waiting for a future model, rescheduling, or requesting that your project be withdrawn. If a model cancels on very short notice, we will substitute an actress of similar quality in your custom unless other arraignments can be made before production starts.

#4 For more policy details, please check out our FAQ Page.


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