When do I pay for the custom?

Once you commit to a custom, a deposit is taken and the balance is due 1 week prior to the date of production.   

Can I make a partial payment?

If the custom is over $600, you have the option of putting 50% down in advance and paying the rest within 1 week of the scheduled production date.

What forms of payment do you take?

Primarily, folks use Paypal, but we also accept money orders and checks.

Can I cancel my custom?

You may cancel a pledge for a custom BEFORE the actress has been booked. Once the actress is booked, your custom is what is paying for her. Thus, after a model has been booked, the custom may not be cancelled.


Are all actresses shown available?

All models in our galleries are available.   The circumstanced of their availably are dependent on whether they are local or adult stars.  We bring in adult stars based on requests.  If you “pledge”  a custom for an adult star, in most cases, she will be scheduled when we next have an opening.  Local models are scheduled as customs are requested.  

Can I change actresses?

If you have a custom “Pledge” (see Pledge FAQ), for an actress and you change your mind before she is booked, you may “Pledge” to a different actress.

“Pledges” do not apply to local models.

Once an actress is booked, we are committed to paying that actress. However, if the actress cancels or becomes unavailable, we will give you the option of selecting a new actress to complete your custom.

What if an actress I choose becomes unavailable?

If your custom only requires on actress and the actress becomes unavailable, you will be given the option to 1) reschedule with that actress when she becomes available 2) choose a different actress 3) wait for a new actress that meets your requirements. If your custom is using 2 or more actresses and 1 becomes unavailable then you will be given the option 1) if the production date is near, we will select an actress that best allows for the completion of your custom 2) if there is time to reschedule we will give you that option and allow you to choose a new actress. Finally, in rare cases, an actress cannot be rescheduled and no suitable replacement can be found, a refund will be offered.

What is a custom “Pledge”?

A custom “pledge” is a way to ensure there is enough interest in an adult star before bringing them to our studio.  (This does not apply to local models)

The “pledging” system works by allowing us to know we much of the funding for a model “before” we book her.  So, to “pledge” a custom means that you will commit to the custom for that particular model once her “goal-o-meter” shows “BOOKED”.  Until then, there is no monetary commitment from you or us—only a promise that once we get enough customs we will bring in this model and you will pay for the custom.  You can “pledge” customs to several models on our “prospective” or “all-stars” page and change your pledge if you like.  There is ONLY a commitment, once the “goal-o-meter” says “BOOKED”.  Just remember, if you change your mind about a model that you have “pledged” a custom for, you must let me know before she is “BOOKED”.

What if my actress cancels at the very last minute?

Sometimes, an actress will cancel with little or no notice.  If the actress cancels, usually, we will reschedule that actress and your custom as soon as possible.  In some cases, the actress is part of a multi-girl custom project, we may substitute a replacement actress so as to not disrupt the other actors that were booked for the days projects.   Since this usually happens at the last minute, you will be notified after the completion of the project of who we used.


How long does it take to schedule a custom?

Customs are scheduled when both the studio and actress are available. Sometimes it can be a few weeks, and sometimes it will take longer.

How long before I get my custom?

Customs are delivered electronically to you 3-10 weeks from the date of production.  In some cases, it can take less time and in rare cases it can take longer.


What format will I receive my custom?

Your custom will be emailed as a link to a 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 file which you can download and archive. You can created your own backups and DVD’s as well. Other options are available upon request.

Explicit Content

What is your policy if there is a problem with getting explicit content for my custom?

In rare cases, explicit acts do not go as planned. In rare cases, the actress, at the last minute, will have physical or medical problems that prevent part or all of the performance required. Sometimes, the male actor will have problems performing certain sexual acts. In other rare cases, the actress or actor may refrain from doing something that was not disclosed to us in their pre-interview. For instance, some actresses will not kiss. In most cases, we know in advance what they are ok with doing. In most cases, we know in advance how well they will perform said acts. However, though rare, there are mitigating factors that can prevent full performance of sexual acts. If that happens, we will do our best to compensate for this with filming and editing to make sure, your custom story is told. In vary rare cases, if the custom is completely dependent on hardcore sexual activity for a majority of the project, we may choose to cancel the project and offer a reschedule. In other cases, if the project does not have mush explicit content, or only certain portions cannot be completed, we may offer you a partial refund or credit toward a future project.

What types of explicit content do you offer?

Penetration Sex
Blow Job
Hand Job
Pussy Licking
2 on 1
And more…

Custom Form

What if I don’t see my fetish?

On the custom form there is a space to write your fetish in.

Will you do all customs?

No. However, we will consider doing most. As long as it is legal in our area. But, will cannot accept all customs. In order to offer great prices, we count on our ability to sell the custom on one of our stores. If your custom does not fit that category, we may choose not to make an offer. In some cases, we want to do your custom, but the pricing will be adjusted to facilitate production.

Why are your customs more (or less) then “ABC’s” customs?

There are a lot of custom producers. A majority of them are what we refer to as “couples” productions. These are usually situations where an amateur couple will role-play out your fantasy on video and it becomes your custom. The cost of doing these is very little because there is no studio or established infrastructure. Props are limited to none and selection of actresses beyond the couple are rarely offered. Essentially, they are only costing them time they are already spending at home. The quality will vary from excellent to abysmal. However, prices are often very, very low–and they should be. In other cases, there are “pro-am couples”. These offer some addition options. They can do the couples role play customs like the others, but they also, will have visiting models that are available as well. Cost on these will be a little higher, but still, pretty inexpensive. The limitations, like “couple producers”, tend to be locations, props, and quality. However there are some which will offer excellent quality for the money. It is best to review a sampling of a producers other productions before committing to a custom. Finally, there are “Studio Producers”, like myself. Studio producers usually have dedicated facilities to create movies in. Currently, we shoot in a home with multiple sets and even have a dungeon space.  We have a variety of props and clothing available as well.   Our talent are not composed of spouses and girlfriends, but local and adult models from all over.  They are paid well to do a good job and full-fill your customs fantasies.  And finally, we have experience–over 20 years make fetish-centric movies.

How long will it take for you to respond to my custom inquiry?

I will try to respond the same day and always within 24 hours. If you don’t hear from me, please email me.


Why are customs so expensive?

It is a matter of perspective. We don’t believe they are. Considering the entire infrastructure we have built up to produce customs, the cost for getting an actress of your choice to act out your fantasies is low. In most cases, we are charging for the actual cost of the actresses. Cost of the studio infrastructure, staff, pre and post-production are paid on the backend through sales of the product. For instance, a $200 custom, actually costs us about $785. A $1000 custom is usually around $2550. We do our best to pass only the “day of shoot” cost on to you and cover as much as we can though the general functioning and process of the studio. When we put your custom up for sale on one of our stores, it is unlikely that it will ever make back enough to cover those costs. It is actually all the customs and projects that, in quantity of sales, allow us to offer such reasonable pricing.

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