Thanks!  This is great, and I hope to get another one of these done sometime.

Thanks very much for this video. I like it very much!

John, the video was amazing. Great job, and awesome acting by Kate. she really conveyed a sense of fear and dread that i was looking for.

thanks for the after-vid scene. you are so lucky to be able to work with such phenomenal actresses like Kate.

its now one of my top 5 fav vids!

Great job
Looking forward to the next two.

John, this is great work. Legendary Effects!!!

Dear John,

Thank you very much. Fine piece of work. Creative use of furniture is an interesting new feature!

Here are my thoughts on it. Excellent job well done again. I loved all the camera views. Kate’s acting and performing were top notch. If she does stick around, I’ll definitely use her again for future customs down the road.  Great job once again.

Thanks John – that was exactly what I was after!

Thanks for following the script so well. Pepper’s acting is really good, and your male actor was also great! The outfit and the focus on her boots was good. I loved watching Pepper lying helpless as she was stripped naked by a man – I’ve never had a b/g custom with her before. Absolutely loved the close focus on Pepper’s bare feet, the sucking of her permanently hard nipples, the tickling and the strangling / naked body writhing, and of course Pepper’s trademark foot sucking orgasm! Pepper definitely has the best breasts / nipples of any of your models, and her sexy feet, perfect body, luscious red hair and gorgeous face rate pretty highly too. That was an outstanding custom, the second best I’ve ever ordered from PKF!  Thanks again!

Thank you.  I had pretty high expectations with this video, and you and your team have exceeded all of them.  Great work and thank you very much!

Thank you so much!

This is one of the very best  customs you’ve done for me in every way. Pepper Hart is right up there now with Ashley L
as one of my favorite models who knows exactly how to play these videos.

Please remember this one for future customs.

Thanks again!

By the way – seriously one of the best ones that you have ever done.  I really mean it.  Just exquisite.

Got the Zoe supergirl custom, it’s great! She is awesome.

Thanks John

I just watched superheroine showdown and once again thank you for nailing it.
Also once again, thank you to the actresses Olive, Verronica, and Kate.
I feel like my requests might have been a bit unusual, but each one of them improvised exactly what I like and I really appreciate that.   Plus they all looked fantastic.   :-)     So please pass on my thanks to them (and you) for making my strange, wierd script even better than it was written.
Thank you to you too John for being professional and willing to put up with my many questions and considerations during this process.   I really appreciate it.

John –
Just wanted to let you know that the vid came out perfect! Great angles and overhead shots, and both girls managed to keep their arms straight! I forgot how smooth and silky Ember is.
Thanks again and Best Regards

This is an amazing video! Love the time spent on the fingering scene and the body views at the end! Love the attention to keeping the mask on properly and fantastic idea on how to take off the pants. Very nice sounds from Verronica and amazing look of satisfaction on Pepper. Thank you so much for doing this! Please thank Verronica and Pepper for me. They are amazing actresses. Also thank your crew as well for me. Great camera work and editing. Thank you again, John!

Hello JohnM,

Holly cow, that was really great.  Nice job by yourself, your team, Jill and Aaron.  I enjoyed this custom allot….  Glad we did the project.

Thanks again for producing for me….


Awesome job!!!  The way you interpreted my story was perfect.  I just can’t tell you enough how much I loved this.  I am looking forward to our next collaboration!!!!


Nicely done. Hope clip does well for you. Cute little thing Sylvia. Played a good role.


(Note:  These are some actually customer comments after receiving their customs in the last 45 days–some have been edited for to just grab the on-topic comments and remove names)