What is a custom “Pledge”?

A custom “pledge” is a way to ensure there is enough interest in an adult star before bringing them to our studio.  (This does not apply to local models)

The “pledging” system works by allowing us to know we much of the funding for a model “before” we book her.  So, to “pledge” a custom means that you will commit to the custom for that particular model once her “goal-o-meter” shows “BOOKED”.  Until then, there is no monetary commitment from you or us—only a promise that once we get enough customs we will bring in this model and you will pay for the custom.  You can “pledge” customs to several models on our “prospective” or “all-stars” page and change your pledge if you like.  There is ONLY a commitment, once the “goal-o-meter” says “BOOKED”.  Just remember, if you change your mind about a model that you have “pledged” a custom for, you must let me know before she is “BOOKED”.

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