What is your policy if there is a problem with getting explicit content for my custom?

In rare cases, explicit acts do not go as planned. In rare cases, the actress, at the last minute, will have physical or medical problems that prevent part or all of the performance required. Sometimes, the male actor will have problems performing certain sexual acts. In other rare cases, the actress or actor may refrain from doing something that was not disclosed to us in their pre-interview. For instance, some actresses will not kiss. In most cases, we know in advance what they are ok with doing. In most cases, we know in advance how well they will perform said acts. However, though rare, there are mitigating factors that can prevent full performance of sexual acts. If that happens, we will do our best to compensate for this with filming and editing to make sure, your custom story is told. In vary rare cases, if the custom is completely dependent on hardcore sexual activity for a majority of the project, we may choose to cancel the project and offer a reschedule. In other cases, if the project does not have mush explicit content, or only certain portions cannot be completed, we may offer you a partial refund or credit toward a future project.

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