Why are customs so expensive?

It is a matter of perspective. We don’t believe they are. Considering the entire infrastructure we have built up to produce customs, the cost for getting an actress of your choice to act out your fantasies is low. In most cases, we are charging for the actual cost of the actresses. Cost of the studio infrastructure, staff, pre and post-production are paid on the backend through sales of the product. For instance, a $200 custom, actually costs us about $785. A $1000 custom is usually around $2550. We do our best to pass only the “day of shoot” cost on to you and cover as much as we can though the general functioning and process of the studio. When we put your custom up for sale on one of our stores, it is unlikely that it will ever make back enough to cover those costs. It is actually all the customs and projects that, in quantity of sales, allow us to offer such reasonable pricing.

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