Why are your customs more (or less) then “ABC’s” customs?

There are a lot of custom producers. A majority of them are what we refer to as “couples” productions. These are usually situations where an amateur couple will role-play out your fantasy on video and it becomes your custom. The cost of doing these is very little because there is no studio or established infrastructure. Props are limited to none and selection of actresses beyond the couple are rarely offered. Essentially, they are only costing them time they are already spending at home. The quality will vary from excellent to abysmal. However, prices are often very, very low–and they should be. In other cases, there are “pro-am couples”. These offer some addition options. They can do the couples role play customs like the others, but they also, will have visiting models that are available as well. Cost on these will be a little higher, but still, pretty inexpensive. The limitations, like “couple producers”, tend to be locations, props, and quality. However there are some which will offer excellent quality for the money. It is best to review a sampling of a producers other productions before committing to a custom. Finally, there are “Studio Producers”, like myself. Studio producers usually have dedicated facilities to create movies in. Currently, we shoot in a home with multiple sets and even have a dungeon space.  We have a variety of props and clothing available as well.   Our talent are not composed of spouses and girlfriends, but local and adult models from all over.  They are paid well to do a good job and full-fill your customs fantasies.  And finally, we have experience–over 20 years make fetish-centric movies.

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